Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November Bead Trends

It has been a busy past couple of months and I haven’t found the time to post any updates. And since I have a couple days off – I’ll be playing catch up ;)

In November, I was thrilled to be a part of Bead Trends Magazine’s November 2009 issue. If you are looking for new and exciting ideas – this magazine is for you. I love their style of photography. Their use of complimentary colors and props bring each piece of jewelry to life.

The two items in this issue were:
“Primeval” (a necklace/earring set) on pages – 58 & 59. When I finished the focal bead, it reminded me of some strange primordial ooze were life began; the pearls represent the connection of land & sea, and the pyramid shape speaks of the connection between nature & science. Everywhere we look we can see this divine interaction from the construction of the honey bee hive to the crystalline structure of gem stones.

“Fallen Leaves” (earring set) November Editor’s Pick for 2009 page 44. The concept behind the design/texture of the 18mm Fine Silver .999 (Precious Metal Clay) beads was to invoke the sensation of traveling back to a long forgotten era – and walking along an ancient stone pathway. The leaves are representative of the future changes which would come to this world – much like fall changes into winter.

To download free instructions for the “Fallen Leave” beads go to this page:

I would like to thank all the people at Bead Trends Magazine who make this publication possible and for the opportunity to again share my treasure with the world.

Carrie B

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