Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off to Texas

Just wanted to give an update. The necklace I donated to Etsy's Heart for Haiti sold some time early this morning. It is going to a lovely lady in Houston, Texas.

Please visit:

With your purchase you not only help Doctors Without Borders in Haiti, but you recieve a wonderful handmade item as well.

Thank you
Carrie B

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts For Haiti

I just donated a necklace on etsy to the
Hearts for Haiti shop, all proceeds go to DoctorsWithoutBorders this is a great cause and some super items are being offered in this shop check it out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake In Haiti

My heart & prayers go out to the people of Haiti.
The loss and devastation is truly unimaginable.
If you want to help please visit:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bronze Oak Goddess - Fall 2009

Bronze Elm Goddess - Fall 2009

Bronze Clay Musings

In the summer of 2008 the PMC brand of metal clay released the new and anticipated Bronze Clay. The unveiling took place during the PMC Conference that June. And the world of metal clay has never been the same since.

This revolutionary product offered the versatility of the already popular Silver PMC, but was less expensive, and allowed artists to add new dimensions to their creations.

Over this past summer I started experimenting with this material. I would have liked to participate in a class but the only one available was already full, and it would be several months before the new one would be available. During some online searches, I found a reliable firing schedule on and decided it was time to give Bronze Clay a try.

Now, what to make… Hum - So many ideas - So little time…

I have a fascination with the steam-punk genre. A blend a fantasy and old world designs – think – Jules Verne. As one travels down “the path not taken” – dare to dream of an alternate future where all our modern day marvels are still powered by steam. And this is where the adventure begins…

The first couple pieces where disc shaped and an experiment in make something look old – they were fired in acid washed carbon which gave them the appearance of a bronze sculpture salvaged from the depths of a long forgotten shipwreck. Purposely distressed and repaired to reflect the way we humans have an innate ability to rise above our own shipwrecks and sail on…

The “Mended Heart” Series was born from this concept. I am not the only one who has created works of art which include the concept of the “mended heart” – and I certainly won’t be the last – just “Google” the name and you’ll understand what I am referring too. But each artist’s creation is different because everyone has their own story, and sees the world in their own way.

After the first successfully firings of the Steam-punk Discs and the Mended Hearts, I set my sights on something more complicated. For a while I had been trying figure out how to create my “Goddess” pendants in a less expensive material other than the fine silver .999 – and still keep them individually handmade. Bronze Clay turned out to be the answer.